Credit Cars Hawaii Finance Requirements

Don’t Worry – We Say YES!

We trust you. We understand that you need a car. That’s why we offer financing to those who:

  • have poor credit
  • have short term employment
  • are on a fixed income
  • have had bankruptcies

2 Finance Options Available. Trust us to get you in a great vehicle today!

Save Time – Fill out finance application and references online!

Primary Buyer MUST have valid driver’s license

Income Verification – Proof of Income:

  • Last 30 days of pay stubs
  • DHS statement of benefits issued from welfare deaprtment
  • Reward letter from Social Security Department or 2 bank statements with direct deposit.
  • If self-employed must show GE license and last quarter tax filing.

***We do not accept worker comp benefits, student loans, financial aid or unemployment as primary income as they are temporary income benefits***

Proof of Residency

  • Primary & Co-buyer MUST show a utility bill or rental contract in their name for the primary residence, i.e. electric, water or cable. If the utilities are included we can use a rental contract.

***If you live with family you will need them to sign a letter of verification and a copy of a billing their name. If you receive housing assistance we will need a verification of rent portion***

Credit Application

A standard Hawaii credit application must be filled out completely and signed by all buyers.

Fill out the application online >>


  • Names, phone numbers and PHYSICAL addresses of 5 people family & friends.
  • NO P.O. Boxes will be accepted 
  • Five references must be on island
  • References cannot live in the same household as you
  • Only 1 reference per household

We reserve the right to call upon these references to verify information you provide to be current and correct.

Fill out reference information online >>

Down Payment

We do not provide 100% financing. A down payment is required at the time of purchase. Down payments are determined by management. Only CASH, CASHIER CHECKS *+& DEBIT CARDS will be accepted for down payments. NO PERSONAL CHECKS, CREDIT CARDS OR EMPLOYEE CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!

** All requirements & forms must be submitted before you’ll receive an approval**